Ok I mislead you a little by the title, you know I don't actually think your New Year's Resolutions suck. They just need to be made more achievable. Too many goals are too general and this isn't necessarily for New Years but in every sense. Here are a few tips on how to make those New Year resolutions happen.

1. Don't have too many.
So, planning on joining the gym, getting up at 6.30 each day, do a morning routine of yoga, pack your lunch and do that report two weeks before its due? Rome was not built in a day. A New year's resolution doesn't mean reinvent yourself it means improving aspects.Trying to manage a completely new lifestyle is unrealistic. Just start off with one or two and then when these become ingrained habits start adding new ones, remember resolutions and plans are not just for January!

2. Make  them Measurable
Planning on 'getting fit' in the New Year is just too general and subjective. What does getting fit even mean? This all depends on the individual. In the case of the gym speak to a fitness trainer who will help you with what you need to do but make sure you set a clear target, whether it be ' I will get fit by attending the gym three times a week' or ' I have achieved my target when I can do 10 miles of spinning in under 20 mins'. It's much easier to measure your progress by doing this too.

3. Plan for after January
Currently, a lot of us have time off. Whether it's work or university you may have more free time than usual and are putting in more effort into your resolutions or targets. Please continue to do this but remember that soon lots of other things will get in the way. If you currently want to put up four blog posts a week, but know at school you won't have time for this, maybe plan on just doing two posts when studying and four in the holidays. The same applies with gym. Make sure your goals are manageable for when real life kicks in.

4. Make them personal
Don't take up horse riding because the lady at the coffee shop said it's changed her life. Do what YOU fancy. Sure, take inspirations from others and learn from them but don't copy them because you're worried that your plans won't be enough. Don't feel like you have to compete with anyone else and make sure that whatever it is you feel like you or someone else is gaining something from it.

5. Quarterly Reviews
Keep track of the progress you've made and what you've achieved to motivate you. Often this can be forgotten so use an app like HiFutureSelf to remind you of when you need to do these. Write down what your accomplishments too and what you need to do next to keep going.