When I was at school, making mood-boards and designing in textile's was one of my favourite things. It just didn't feel like school work. As I child I used to take my favourite things out of magazines and stick them into a big art folder. So when I wanted to redesign my wardrobe and room, I thought what better way to do so than a mood-board? And then of course I thought why stop there, why not plan each month with one?

June's set to be hectic. I'm currently in the process of clearing out and selling bits in my wardrobe, planning to redecorate my room, starting my internship, getting my exam results and it's the month of my mum's surgery (read about that here)! So below is a little breakdown of my monthly goals and mood-board ideas.

Fashion: I'm not sure why but I feel like since hitting 20 my style has really become my own. I know what styles suites my shape, and I now wear pieces which I enjoy- even if they are a little out there. This summer I'm loving anything that gives me texture and off shoulder looks. I clipped out a Parisian style guide from Glamour and popped that on there. All the pieces are the exact look I want to channel ( except with a bit more edge). The photo of Lily James just summarizes all my hair, fashion and make up goals. While I'm on the topic of fashion it's probably me worth mentioning two things 1) This week I'm doing a haulothon week on youtube with a different haul each day! You can check out my channel here on click the subscribe button on the left hand side of the page to get notifications of these. 2) As I said  earlier I have had a massive wardrobe clear out so if you'd like to have a look at my Depop the link is here or again you can have a look at the left to this page.

Beauty and Hair: After my Rosie for autograph review I thought she'd had to be my main beauty inspiration for this month. What I love about Rosie's make up is it never looks fake. She always looks like an enhanced version of herself, even with more dramatic looks. In the summer I love to town down my make up, her full fluttery lashes and plump peachy lips are what I'm desiring to achieve everyday. Especially with all my earlier mornings I'm going to need a shorter make up routine! I also popped in the Estee Lauder eyeliner, I love this product and need to write a review on it! This is a gentle reminder to myself. I've recently had my hair cut a little shorter too! And I think I'm going to keep it this length, so I've just thrown in some styles I can try with my new do'.

Home: I do adore my current bedroom, it's a vintage style with beautiful shabby chic furniture. However, I feel I've grown out of that style now. I still want to keep my furniture as it is BEAUTIFUL, but I'm going to update it by painting it white. If you've watched any of my videos you can see I have a Laura Ashley Wallpaper background, which I want to replace with a pebble Gray paint- as well as shift around the positioning of everything too! Seeing as I'm only here on the Weekends over the next few months this is going to be an ongoing project for a while.

Lifestyle: Something I really am trying to do is to quit drinking. I'm not an alcoholic or anything! Just a student. But whenever I drink, even if it's just one or two glasses and I'm not drunk as such, I feel really poorly afterwards. My hangovers just give me the WORST fatigue and sickness. So since the 10th April I haven't really 'got drunk' as such, I've had a glass or two of wine on a night out to keep my going, and I was absolutely fine. (still felt groggy the next day however). Realistically I think it may be hard to never drink at university, but at least being very conscious of it will help me cut down my intake. Unfortunately my hangovers mean the night's out are rarely worth it.

It's lovely to have a vision and some inspiration as well for not only my blog, but my life for the next few weeks! It might be harder to do this next month but I really hope I can keep my Mood-Boards up as it will be a lovely memoir for the end of the year.