Pippa Palette

Pippa Palette review

Blank Canvas is a cult brand amongst the online beauty community. Huge in Ireland, but still growing here, it's a brand to watch. The Pippa pallete, is in collaboration with Pippa O'connor, who like Blank Canvas, is huge in Ireland- but still growing in popularity here.

Packed up in a pretty pink package, there's a three step contour and an array of neutral matte eyeshadows. The packaging itself is made from cardboard, I know some people will have an issue with this but personally I prefer this. My make up bag is so heavy anything to make it that little bit more lightweight is a huge bonus for me. 

 Blank Canvas Pippa Palette contour swatches

Let's start with the contour colours. Not knowing much about Pippa- the names are a bit bewildering to me. The contour colours are probably more suitable for a light to medium skin tone and for creating a more natural look.  The contour and blusher shades remind me very much of Nars, same pigmentation and quite similar undertones. The blush shade is somehow pigmented but also buildable and the bronzer shade isn't too warm, so creates a brilliant shadow without looking ashy. The highlight works beautifully with the blush and layered on top of each other they create a great glow. In all honesty it doesn't give you a Glazed donut glow, but the highlight is still very pretty.

Blank Canvas Pippa Palette eyeshadows

The Shadows absolutely kill it. All completely matte (hallelujah) and all very neutral wearable colours, these are essentials. Let start from lightest to darkest. Lily is just a simple white- but my god is it pigmented. Some of you may know the pale struggle of trying to find a white which is actually pure white and actually shows on your skin. This white is just perfect for lightening, a base, using as an actual colour and even in the lower waterline for creating a larger eye. I can not express how happy I am that this is in here.

Ollie is a lovely cool toned beige, very light but very buildable. I sound so cliche but it really is the ideal transition shade in your crease. Tobi's swatches slightly different to how I expected it too.  In the palette it looks like a very warm brown, probably a rust colour. But when swatched it comes out a lot more red. As red is a lot harder to make as an eyeshadow, this is a great alternative. The hues in the shadow mean it will still flatter certain eye colours just as well as a pure red, but it's a lot more wearable.

Blank Canvas Pippa Palette Eyeshadow swatches
Susu is again a very warm shade. It's a pretty generic almost cocoa brown, but I think every palette needs a few generic colours.  Dodo is a beautiful plum colour. Out of all the shadows (including K.D) it's probably the least blendable- but I wouldn't really be applying this shade to a large space on my eye.  And then K.D is just a matte black,  not too much to say about this.

Overall, the eyeshadows have managed to obtain the fine balance of pigmented and blendable. My only issue with it is the assortment. I love the shade Dodo, but it does seem a little out of place with the rest of the colours? Maybe the idea behind it was to give an alternative to black, but perhaps a deep dark chocolate brown would have complimented the ensemble more.

The Palette has seen huge success in Ireland, I'm sure the celebrity endorsement has helped but I really do think this palette could carry itself without it. Currently Blank Canvas only have two eyeshadow palettes, but I can't wait to see what they produce next.