Image taken from Google Play

Trying to save? Watching your pennies? Then click off now my good friend. Want to buy a mass abundance of clothes, find out about sales and rinse your bank account.... then please, do continue.

I found out about Grabble via facebook, I was bored of the same old apps on my phone and wanted something new. In all honesty I was looking for games to play on the bus but never the less I found something just as satisfying being the ultimate consumer and all. Grabble is essentially what it says in my title, the tinder for shopping.

A clothing item pops up on the screen with the price, image and brand. If you like the item you swipe right and it saves the product, if you're not interested then like Tinder you swipe left and it disappears. However, instead of corny chat up lines and dirty talk you get sale alerts. Which I much prefer.
Skirt from Other Stories

It's a really quick, easy way to browse all your favourite shops and also discover new brands! Other stories is a lovely clothing brand I've found on there, it's fairly affordable and  has some beautiful statement pieces.

The app is still clearly new,  however developments being made on it are thick and fast. Already there have been a vast amount of new brands joining in the last few weeks. It's definately growing quick! Hopefully the app will continue to grow, fingers crossed we'll soon be able to see more than the one photo of the product, see a little bit of info underneath and even more brands will join. Either way I think it's going to be one of the new ways to shop.