1. Leave your damn eyebrows alone.

2. Work Less. Part time work that is. You have your whole life to make money but only one chance to do education. 

3. Do not gossip as much as you do and learn to keep certain things to yourself. Not everybody is your friend or will be your friend forever.

4. As soon as you start earning, start saving. 

5. Ask for advice more and learn that just because you didn't do something completely by yourself it does not mean that it wasn't your success

6. When you are under 16 having attention from an older man isn't cool. it's actually creepy and sometimes very illegal. 

7. Not everybody will share the same opinion as you, and if they don't that doesn't make them wrong or stupid. Unless it's about Trump. 

8. Don't quit Tae-Kwon Doe. 

9. Having a boyfriend doesn't necessarily mean having happiness. 

10. Do not cling onto friendships which are clearly one sided.