Remember KT Tunstel? If you're in your early 20s you would've spent many a teenage day blaring out black horse and a cherry tree or pretending that suddenly I see was written about you. A couple of weeks ago she released her new album KIN, it's  received rave reviews including a 4* Rating from Rolling Stones. The other week I was lucky enough to be invited to see her perform some of her new songs at HMV Oxford Street.

The set lasted about half an hour in a very intimate environment. KT still really demanded a stage prescence despite the fact her songs are quite mellow. Each song had a story behind it which is very refreshing. Her new songs really showcase her vocal range especially the track KIN, it has a haunting melody and a beautiful sound.

The 'gig' environment really suites her.With a classic Foot loop pedal, she owns the one woman band making the performance very personal, enhancing the intimacy of the event. During the event she told us stories and tales about each song and how the lyrics came about.

On my star was my favourite track of the night (closely followed by Kin). Written on the day of Sir David Bowie's death, it's based on the idea that you have to leave the planet and take one person with you. It's a very pretty melody and a lovely song to unwind too after a long day.

She of course had to finish the set with ' Suddenly I See'. It was a high note to end up with the audience singing along. We got to meet with KT afterwards and took a few pictures afterwards. Thanks HMV for a lovely evening!