Primark Beauty Bronze me up

Primark Beauty review

Currently, these rather appealing looking bronzer palettes are just £2 in your local Primark. The low price point meant it very swiftly got added to my basket. But, like we always want to know with Primark's super cheap make up- is it any good? Or like we ask in this series is it a ' Hit or Miss?'

So before I even get into reviewing the palette, I first have to talk about the shade range, or in this case, lack of. Although the palette doesn't advertise itself as a universal shade, it may as well, since it is the only shade it comes in. We can see that this contour and highlight duo certainly don't cater to everyone's skin. They are too dark for those with very light skin and obviously too light for those with darker skin tones. Which is a real shame. Perhaps if they had come in a range of shades the palettes would have sold at their rather modest full price of just £4. But if you don't create a product for a range of people, you limit your sales to just a handful. However, the highlights might be it's saving grace. With a light purple shimmer that can work on those with fairer skin and the bronze colour might work on those with darker, the highlights are a little more 'universal' than the rest of the palette. ( I haven't seen this swatched on darker skin, so if you have tried this please let me know how it looked and I can add your edit to this post!)

Now we have that rant out of the way - lets talk about how these products performed.

Primark beauty swatches

The Creams

Although I did just complain about the shade, I have to compliment the yellow tones in the highlight cream. Even if you have pink tones, the yellow should be used to brighten and bring features out rather than to conceal and correct. So it ticks that box. However, the formula feels as cheap as the product is. It's almost like kids face make up. It's very thick, not incredibly blend-able and there's a lot of creasing when applied to the under eye area. It kind of works if you apply just a little bit over a liquid concealer for brightening purposes, but I don't think I'll be reaching for it often. To the cream's credit it does works for smoother skin areas, such as the bridge of the nose and the chin, but for me, these areas aren't a priority.

Similarly, the contour shade has the same faults. It doesn't blend well and on top of the other issues its too warm for a contour shade. It needs to be a cooler tone in order to create a shadow but this just leaves you slightly orange. The cream is difficult to apply because the formula is so stiff. It looks patchy and unnatural. Overall, these creams are just second rate. 

Primark powder swatches

The powder

Unfortunately, these aren't that great either. Both are chalky and the contour shade just does not blend well. Again, I really like the yellow tones in the powder and will use this is combination with a loose powder. However, I can't see myself using this contour shade. I have tried with various applicators to try and make it work, but I just can't. It's patchy and just too warm and dark for me. It's not too bad as a crease colour for the eye though. Perhaps it's because applying to a smaller surface area leaves less room for error. It adds depth to the eye and doesn't provide much fall out. So although these aren't great for what their actual purpose is, I'll still get use out of them. 

The Highlights

Primark highlight swatches

If you're still with me after this rather negative review, well done! And the good news is, this post is about to take a bit of a plot twist. These highlighters are FANTASTIC. They are long lasting and give a super smooth application. 

Sometimes shimmer highlighters are a little chunky and tend to look like bits of glitter on your face, especially when they are on the cheaper side. These give a fabulous instagram glow and will see you through the day. As a big bonus, the bronze shade is a beautiful eyeshadow. Swept all over the lid it gives a fantastic bronze glow. It's not crazy pigmented and reflects light beautifully so it's an instant soft glam. 

The packaging

I really enjoy this packaging. It's light weight, slim and comes with a mirror so is great for just popping in your handbag so you can top up during the day. The way is opens from the middle like a wardrobe is a really nice touch and I believe makes the product feel a little more glamourous. 

So.... Hit or Miss?

This review is a real mixed bag of opinions. Which makes the final question a little tricky to answer. But, due to the reduced price and superb highlights- I'm going to go with Hit! Even if I never use the powders and creams, I think that I've had £2 worth of product from just the highlights alone. Plus its durability for travel is a big bonus. If you're after some highlights to add to your collection, then it's worth adding this to your basket on your next Primark Trip!