Despite the title and the pictures, Fillerina is actually not an at home botox solution. Although the results it gives can be quite similar, but less scary.
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Fillerina is a no needle, dermo cosmetic filler that goes deep into the skin without penetrating it. It promises to fill out fine lines, plump sagging areas and help the flow of water throughout the layers of skin.

The product comes in three different grades depending on the treatment  needed, the higher the grade the stronger the solution. Being only 20 years old I only needed grade one as I mainly wanted to use this product for my lips and a little bit around my forehead and cheekbones. Fillernia combines 6 different hyaluronic acids to effectively penetrate and plump the skin.

The treatment lasts for 14 days, but luckily I have a pea size head and so it will last me a lot longer! The product arrives in a thick, glossy cardboard box and is presented in understated, simple packaging, The packaging really gives this product an edge, and makes it feel like it's a treatment at home rather than just another cream.

The treatment comes in the form of two bottles and two precision applicators. Bottle 1 is the dermo- cosmetic gel filler with the filling effect. This is what I like to call the magic bottle. It has an instant effect on the lips. But unlike actual lip fillers, the effects don't look fake. It essential plumps what is already there, filling out fine lines and gives a look which would be achieved with clever make up (but a lot easier and quicker). It gives a tingly sensation but nothing painful (thank god). Consistency is key however, and to really get ride of lines it's important to use it on a daily bases.

I did notice some tightness around my cheekbones and jowel but nothing too sensational. I'd imagine on more mature skin this would work amazingly, but unfortunately my lose skin is genetic (particularly around my chin area) and although after a few days I did see a difference it couldn't reverse my DNA!

Step 2, the nourishing film for the oval of the face works much like the conditioner to shampoo. Containing ingrediants such as meadowfoam seed oil, vitamin E, shea butter and firming tree extract and exfoliating salicylic acid. This moisturising component doesn't exactly create the feeling of fillers like step 1, but is still an excellent moisturiser and gentle exfoliate. Giving my skin a great glow. The only thing I would say is it's make your skin flakey ( due to the film effect and exfoliant properties) so it is best to use the product at night.

The two precision applicators are the only thing which lets this product down. The idea is they are meant to look like needles but aren't. However they aren't too reliable and make getting step 2 out of the jar quite difficult. I very much like the idea, but perhaps the nozzle needs to be a little longer.

Fillerina works for people who want more than another moisturiser, but not going through botox. If this sounds like something you'd like why not trying it out with a 20% off code- BRONDEGIRL16, although I personally think full lips are priceless!

* Products sent to me as PR sample but all opinions are my own.